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Square 1 Café & Pantry Chessington

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It has been our absolute pleasure to pilot a further Square 1 café – a safe space provided to anyone of any age experiencing isolation, loneliness or hardship – or who just want some friendly company and a chat, to play games, watch a movie or listen to music. This venture is a community gathering place for anyone to join in, where literally ‘everyone is welcome and everything is free.’

Chessington Community Fridge & Pantry
Chessington Community Fridge & Pantry

Chessington Community Fridge & Pantry

Our community fridge is launching on November 28th, 2023! This initiative will be open on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm at St Mary’s Centre on Church Lane in Chessington. Our project is exclusively run and manned by the incredible kindness of volunteers. Committed to reducing food waste, we collect surplus items from supermarkets to provide to the general public. We strive to nourish lives and prevent good food from ending up in landfills. We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Allotment

Our KT9 community allotment is an exciting project aiming to feed, water and nurture all kinds of projects and services; to help develop and inspire ventures that strive to support families and individuals in our communities and give practical support to help deal with the cost of living crisis.

Our french beans growing at our allotment
Ged working on the allotment, New Era Community Projects

The Barn

We are about to embark on the complete refurbishment of a very dilapidated, run-down barn where we will, with the assistance of local businesses and many handy volunteers, provide it with a new lease of life. This will become a local food market for those struggling with the cost of living crisis and also act as our distribution HQ.

Angels of the Hood

We re-distribute supermarket food surplus to ensure that nothing is landfilled or incinerated. thereby supporting local families and feeding over 85,000 mouths. We’ve distributed to foodbanks, food pantries, charities, restaurants, schools, pubs, hospitals, hospices and provided support and supplies to Afghan refugees and the Ukraine.

St Mary's Food Pantry Chessington

We have two fully established food pantries within our local community and two surplus food outlets locally that operate a couple of times a week. Plans are afoot for the addition of more food pantries as and when suitable venues and volunteers become available.

Chessington Community Fridge & Pantry