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Discover Square 1 Cafe Kingston: A Hub of Community Warmth


Finding a place of connection and warmth can be a true treasure in the busy rush of life. That’s exactly what New Era Community Projects is offering with the launch of Square 1 Cafe Kingston. Come along on a journey where simplicity meets community; all centred around a shared meal.

Welcoming Square 1 Cafe Kingston

2023 brings a special addition – the launch of Square 1 Cafe Kingston. Run by New Era Community Projects, it’s a place where everyone is invited to share in the spirit of community and enjoy a free meal.

New Era Community Projects at a Glance

Behind these initiatives is New Era Community Projects, a nonprofit organisation in Kingston committed to addressing cost-of-living challenges, food poverty, social anxiety, and the pressing climate. Our goal? To lead the way in supporting mental well-being, combating food waste and poverty, and establishing a sustainable food system.

The Power of Connection and Belonging

Our world thrives on connections. At New Era Community Projects, it’s about more than just serving meals. We’re building connections. Confronting loneliness, we’re creating spaces across the borough where everyone can feel belonging. Join us in crafting a world of welcoming spaces for all.

Be Part of the Community

Discovering the warmth of community is as simple as walking through the doors of Square 1 Cafe Kingston—no reservations, no qualifications needed – just you. Come by on Thursdays between 12 PM and 4 PM, and our friendly volunteers will greet you, take your food order, and engage in a friendly chat. Your financial situation is never a concern; it’s about meeting local people and enjoying a pleasant time.

In 2023, let New Era Community Projects be your guide to a warm community and free meals at the Square 1 Cafe Kingston. Come and be a part of our friendly community!

For more information, contact Michele Lewington (Square 1 Cafe Kingston Project lead and Head of Projects for New Era Community Projects) at

Square 1 Café launched in Kingston

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